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Care For Your Pets This Winter

Dogs Cold

With snowstorms heading in to the East Coast, I just wanted to remind everyone to let your pets inside during the frigid and snowy weather. Remember if you’re cold, so are they.



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Humane Society of the United States Investigates Puppy Mills


Go to the Humane Society’s website to learn about their most recent investigation of puppy mills in Texas.

There you can read the investigation report and watch the video, make a donation and sign a pledge to to not purchase dogs from pet stores.

Not only are puppy mills majorly contributing to pet overpopulation, but they are also cruel to the dogs. It is important that people see the conditions in the video and understand what goes on without them knowing. Please open your eyes to the well-researched information from HSUS and share it with family and friends.

Puppy mills contribute to pet overpopulation and cause countless dogs lifetimes of suffering in squalid wire cages. Help us stop this cycle of cruelty: Do your research before getting a puppy, and look into adopting a dog from your local shelter.

You can also watch the investigation video here:

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Adopting a Shelter Pet

If you’re interested in adding a companion animal to your life, The Veiled Life highly recommends adopting a homeless animal from a shelter or rescue organization. There’s millions of animals in shelters nationwide that need a home. Many of them face euthanasia if they don’t get adopted in a certain amount of time. The Veiled Life previously posted reasons you should adopt. If you talk to anyone who’s ever adopted a pet, they will most likely tell you it was a great experience.

If you’re now interested in adopting, refer to Petfinder. On this website, you can enter your location and what type of pet you want. It will list many different animals looking for a home near you!

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Protect Your Pets on Halloween

Bat Cat

Happy Halloween!

Want to keep your companions safe today? Here’s how.

Take care and have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

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Dogs of Pittsburgh

A dog briskly walks alongside its owner Downtown. Click the link below to see a slideshow of dogs in Pittsburgh this weekend!

A dog briskly walks alongside its owner Downtown. Click the link below to see a slideshow of dogs in Pittsburgh this weekend!

This weekend, a lot was going on in Pittsburgh. There was the unveiling of the Rubber Duck Project, Pitt football game and the Great Race. Many pet owners brought their dogs along with them to the events. Good thing it wasn’t too hot out! Dogs exercised, relaxed, and hungout with their owners in the city of Pittsburgh.

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