Animals are Beautiful People: A Must Watch


Hey animal lovers out there!

If you’ve never heard of the documentary Animals are Beautiful People, you should definitely watch it! It was made in the 70s in Southern Africa by filmmaker Jamie Uys. In this documentary, Uys has a beautiful eye for movement in nature and landscapes. He is able to capture and narrate life in many environments. The documentary shows footage of African animals in their everyday life, comparing them to humans. As Uys follows the daily life of animals in the desert, viewers can see that their behavior, emotions and actions make them person-like. It is extremely interesting to watch the wildlife and also funny. Just see for yourself!

Watch the trailer here, and if you’re interested in watching it you can rent or purchase the documentary on YouTube.

The following are some of the most interesting, memorial moments and must-watch scenes:

  1. Beetles have to run to stay cool, so they kiss as they’re running.beatles
  2. Baboons play with each other in the evening and do acrobatics down the sloping desert landscape.
  3. A dewdrop reflects sunlight and starts a fire, destroying the 100-year-old work of a bird nest.nest fire
  4. A chameleon’s eyes move independently so it can see where it’s going and where it’s been.
  5. A bird spends its life in a frozen stance and only moves for a split second at a time.
  6. A lion cub approaches a water hole filled with zebras, which causes commotion among them, scaring them off. This makes the cub look and feel superior.superior lion cub
  7. Animals drink calmly in the presence of lions when they sense they’ve eaten well and won’t be hunting that day.
  8. The king lion stares down a younger, rebelling lion and charges at it to earn respect. It then struts past to show who is king. This moment really personifies the animals in the documentary.
  9. A duck tricks hyena to save her babies.
  10. Warthogs prepare on their ‘wedding day.’ The male grooms himself and the female makes home improvements.warthogs
  11. Meerkats are so friendly and affectionate that they even try to get to know a grouchy cobra.
  12. A tiny snake puts on an act to scare animals much bigger than it, even elephants.
  13. A funny baboon gets scared twice by the same snake and faints both times it sees it.baboon fainting
  14. A comical scene shows animals getting drunk off Marula fruit and stumble home.drunk elephant
  15. Different types of birds nest and make a life for themselves.
  16. A baby warthog gets separated from its mother and tries to find a substitute but is turned away by all animals because it is so ugly.
  17. A bushman uses a baboon to find water. This is very interesting and shows the intelligence of humans and the instincts and learning process of both animals. busman and baboon
  18. You can see a march of death when a drought comes too early and young pelicans wander aimlessly in heat and starvation.
  19. Two baby baboons hug as they’re stranded on a log in a flash flood. baboon hug
  20. Animals jump and dance in excitement when paradise is back in the desert.

Overall, this documentary opens your eyes to the amazing life and vastness of this natural world. Animals, big and small, of all species are their own characters and together they make the world beautiful. 

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