Intro to Rodeos


Rodeos are seen as a family and American event but are also a barbaric way to provide entertainment. The animals used in rodeos are subjected to high stress levels, pain, and poor treatment. While they are constantly traveling, the animals are not kept in properly ventilated vehicles, and they are not given much food or water while traveling. Here is what goes on in rodeos:

  • Bucking/Bull Riding- This is an event in which a rider tries to stay on a bull or horse for around eight seconds. The animals are motivated to behave roughly because people put bucking straps on them. Bucking straps are straps that fit around the abdomen and groin to irritate it. They use electric cattle prods, which apply a painful shock to the cattle, stimulating movement. They also use spurs to aggravate it.


Bull Riding

  • Calf Roping- In calf roping, a calf is released from a chute and chased by a person riding a horse. The rider lassos the calf by the neck, abruptly stopping it and jerking it back. Then the rider gets off his horse and throws the calf onto the ground and ties up its legs. When the calves are being chased, they can reach up to 30 mph. Because they are running so fast when they’re lassoed, the rope can snap with such force that it’ll yank the calf off it’s feet, into the air resulting in neck injury and possible death. Also, sometimes the calves are abused in the chute before they’re released making them terrified. That’s why they run so fast.

Calf Roping

Calf Roping


  • Steer Wrestling- In steer wrestling, a steer is chased by two riders on horses. One of the riders keeps the steer running in a straight line so the other rider can leap from his horse, grab the steer by the horns, and twist its neck until it falls to the ground. This is very dangerous for the animal and can seriously injure the neck.

Steer Wrestling

Steer Wrestling

I don’t understand why people can’t just leave these poor animals alone…

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