Top Ten Animal Rights Issues

Today I would like to share the top ten animal rights issues based on their order on

1. Human Overpopulation


The human population on Earth is above 7 billion people, according to the world population clock, and it is continuing to grow. This is a major threat to animals and the environment. The actions of humans result in taking away the rights of animals. As the population grows, humans are taking more land for themselves, destroying the natural habitats of animals in ways such as cutting down forests, building cities and roads, polluting the land, etc. Humans also take animals from their natural habitats and put them in unnatural ones such as at the zoo or on circus trains. The more people there are, the more animals are being killed for food. Species are being wiped out because of human hunting and poaching.

2. Property Status of Animals

Caged Animal

The problem is that people view animals solely as a purpose for their use. They use animals for food, clothing, experimenting, companionship and entertainment. But who’s to say that animals are human property? Many animal activists aim to give animals rights to themselves and the right to be free. Thankfully there are laws set in place to protect pets from abusive and neglectful owners.

3.  Veganism


Veganism is when one does not eat or use any animal products. This includes items such as meat, fish, dairy, wool, leather, certain cosmetics and many more! It is surprising to learn how many products on the market involve some use or by-product of animals. Being completely vegan may require some researching on the vegan’s part to know what products to stay away from and what good recipes are. The main purpose of veganism is to reduce harm to animals/ not be a part of it. If you are interested in becoming vegan but don’t know where to start, look into a vegan meetup group!

4. Factory Farming

Factory Farm

Factory farms raise animals for the sole purpose of making a profit. Animals are forced to live in unbearable conditions and after a life of suffering are slaughtered. All of the factory farm practices in how they keep the animals from the living conditions to the methods of killing is cruel. Food industries do not care about the well-being of animals. It should be a right for all living creatures to live a life without physical and mental suffering.

5. Fish and Fishing

Salmon Farm

Fish do, in fact, feel pain.  Animal rights activists find this as a reason not to eat them. Also, overfishing is an issue. “Data indicates that the world’s supply of seafood will run out by 2048.” If the population of ocean animals reduces, that will harm the entire ecosystem and natural food chain. Fish farms, which are farms where fish are bred unnaturally, are bad for the environment because the runoff contaminates ocean water.

6. Humane Meat


Many people believe that it’s ok or tolerate the use of animals for food, as long as they are killed humanely. Others disagree and say that no killing is humane and that it takes away all of the animals rights to life and freedom. This raises a question of how far animal rights should go. For those who can’t go without eating meat, they can at least feel better that the animal had a good life. This is a disagreement that splits animal rights activists.

7. Animal Experimentation

Animal Testing

Using live animals in experiments and testing without their permission does take away their rights. If we won’t use humans for testing because of the injury or mental harm, why is it ok to do it to other animals? To say that testing on animals can be justified by the fact that it saves humans is flawed. Not only can animals react to experiments differently from humans making the experiment less supportive, but they are creatures that have feelings and suffer the way humans do, making experimentation inhumane and very low in morality.

8. Pets


The main issue with having pets is the overpopulation. There are up to 7 million animals in animal shelters in the U.S. People keep breeding cats and dogs or buying them from pet store chains, when there’s already millions in shelters waiting for a home. Because of the overpopulation, 3 to 4 million cats and dogs are killed every year because there just isn’t enough room for them in shelters. It is very important for people to spay and neuter their pets so they are not contributing to the homeless animal crisis. Some people even say that owning animals as pets is wrong because it takes away their right to freedom and a natural life. Although this is a valid and understandable statement, society has domesticated dogs and cats so far to the point that we can’t just let companion animals free and on the loose because they will either be picked up by rescues/ dogcatchers, killed, or unable to survive on their own.

9. Hunting


Humans have killed wild animals for pretty much all of our existence. Presently, some do it for the meat, but that is why we have farms so that we don’t have to kill our own food. Now, most people hunt for fun. It’s an activity for them. This idea proves to be immoral. To kill an animal for pleasure is simply unethical. Some proponents of hunting argue that hunting helps control the population, but it’s obvious that they’re not hunting for that reason. Non-hunters and activists will probably always question the ethics and morals of those who hunt.

10. Fur

Animals used for fur

Animals are trapped/violently killed for fur, wool, silk, and leather. There are also farms in which animals are raised in cages only to be killed for fur. The practice of using animals for fur is tormenting. Animals are either trapped in the wild, dead from the trap or suffering the pain of the trap until a trapper comes and beats them to death, or they are raised in a cage and are killed through the breaking of their neck, gassing, lethal injection, genital electrocution or anal electrocution.

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    You guys suck don’t complain for thing you don’t know adopt have of it is true I trap because I decided to live off the land and I don’t deat the animals I shoot with a gun and eat too. The trap is a soft grip.

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