Why Should You Care?

Animals Have Hearts

“Any animal that has feelings is worthy of respect and care.” Brian May said this when answering the question “Why should we care about animals?” To me, it’s a really simple answer. But how do you explain it to people who just don’t get it? I would like to dig deeper into the discussion of animal rights and invite comments. After all, my sole purpose for this blog is to inspire others to care about animals. To me, as overused as the expression is, animals are people too! If you’ve ever looked into an animals’ eyes, bonded with a family pet, or just observed an animal in its natural habitat, it is clear that they’re not any different than a human being. Yeah, they look different, have different mannerisms, etc., but when it comes down to it, they think and feel just as humans do. It is a natural emotion to care for other beings. If an animal suffering doesn’t evoke a jarring emotion in you, I could only believe that you’re not a good person. It is hard to believe that in such an advanced society, animals are still being mistreated. Some people just don’t care and this is a problem. There needs to be an end to unnecessary animal suffering. We need to live side by side in peace. Factory farms, puppy mills, circuses…the lists goes on of unnatural environments for animals. It is our job to make sure animals have rights. No innocent soul deserves mistreatment. Why change nature? The world would be a better place if we let animals live their lives out the way they were meant to. If you really don’t understand why you should care, follow my blog and over time I promise you’ll see evidence of animal mistreatment that will make you cringe, make you angry or sad, or atleast stir some type of emotion in you that feels for another living, breathing thing.

Here is the video of Brian May’s full answer of why we should care about animals.

If you want to read a little more input on why we should care, take a look at:

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