False Displays of Feelings

In a story in The New York Times, Can We See Our Hypocrisy to Animals?, Nicholas D. Kristof questions if future generations will look back on the way we treat animals and be bewildered that people were so oblivious to what was going on or were ok with it.

He is right that animal rights have definitely progressed over time, but a major problem is that people disagree on the extent of rights animals should be given, even though it is clear that animal rights need to be improved.

I liked when he said, “Who could have imagined that Burger King would now be buying cage-free eggs out of concern for hens?  Or, more accurately, out of concern for tens of millions of customers who empathize with hens?” This shows that even though some companies are reforming their standards of food production, they’re not quite doing it for the right reason.

Perhaps society needs to step back and realize that they’ve been falsely claiming to have morals or beliefs that they don’t actually practice.

Although many people are strongly against the suffering of animals in factory farms, amusement parks, etc., the animal rights issues are moving forward erratically.


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